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US Patents For Sale or Licensing:

Hydrogen Storage and Use of Energy in Homes, Businesses & Farms.

New Hydrogen, Natural Gas, RNG, CO2, N2… Technology for far more efficient and simple compression, Storage, and delivery; Near Zero maintenance, 20+ years life, super quiet, under $9,000 for a Hydrogen home system (Approx. $3/GGE kg equivalency).

Impacts the whole world – Inexpensive Energy made available anywhere, Including Extra-Atmospheric and Off-World uses.

US Medical Device Patents For Sale

• Product: Women Frictionless Hip Implant Device. 

• Inventor: 22 years in Medic PD and Aviation engineer at SpaceX. 

• Formed in 2007 and patented worldwide

• ISO Certified

• Professional Mechanical Designed by Space-X engineers.

• RAC Regulatory Affair Certification

• ASQ Certified for Quality Engineer & Quality Auditor

• FDA Fully Registered and Published 

• FDA phases 1 and 2 are now complete

This device is revolutionary since there’s nothing like this made for women in the market currently. Humana sits on the Board of Directors now, waiting for the product to be developed. This product will save insurance companies money by reducing or eliminating revision surgeries on their patients. 

Licensing Opportunity of America’s Indoor entertainment and games.

Operates micro-amusement parks with globally unique, proprietary entertainment, a full-service bar, and a restaurant.

CA, US Private Placement Memorandum

The Company intends to use proceeds of the Offering and third-party debt financing to acquire corporate jet aircraft and lease the Aircraft to global charter operators. The Company, has received commitments from Operators who desire to enter into Leases for six (6) Aircraft, and

The operators have expressed interest in leasing another fifteen to twenty (15-20) Aircraft

Minimum Investment - $50,000

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