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INDUS Venture and Falcon Phoenix Group, a Winning Global Partnership

In a visionary stride towards reshaping the landscape of global investments, Indus Venture proudly announces an extraordinary alliance with Falcon Phoenix Group, heralding a new era of unparalleled opportunities in the realms of real estate, capital strategies, and asset management.


Under the seasoned advice and management of Jona Lemmonds and Molly Faulkner, and their dedication, each possessing over 25 years of invaluable experience spanning business, real estate, private capital, and financial services, this dynamic partnership emerges as a beacon of transformative potential.

Bridging Continents: India and USA investment pioneers, Indus Venture and Falcon Phoenix Group powered by a shared commitment to excellence, are poised to open doors to a world of possibilities in both the Indian and American real estate markets. This strategic partnership is not merely a union of capital but a fusion of expertise, innovation, and a worldly perspective that transcends borders and will serve as your gateway to India and the US market.


Leadership Forging the Future: At the helm of this formidable collaboration stand Jona Lemmonds, a second-generation Asset Management Family Office, and Molly Faulkner, an international Corporate Expansion, Migration, Capital Sourcing, and Real Estate project marketing specialist. Jona and Molly are visionaries in their own right, with an enviable collective experience navigating the complexities of business, real estate, and financial services. Their guidance signifies not just expertise but a commitment to steering this partnership toward sustainable growth, optimization, and a global impact that extends beyond conventional boundaries.


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